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Monday, October 30, 2006

One Skein and Under Wonders

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Here is where I think I should link to same favorite projects to make with scraps of yarns, quick things to make and items to make with gorgeous super nice lusciuous (expensive) yarn:
First, a coed perfect little thing to keep the beer warm:
*Girl on the rocks made this really nice pattern for a cabled KING COZY; as well as these other cool quick ideas:
One time I had made some really cool fingerless mittens from a felted sweater, but didn't take the time to create a tutorial. Thank you Girl on the Rocks!
The yarn they sold is mostly the acrylic stuff that I'm not too crazy about. However, they did carry a fun skein of camoflage-colored variegated yarn by Red Heart. I thought that I could have fun making the girls little fingerless gloves from these. They were really into Avril Lavigne, and gloves with the camoflage colors could be something cheap and fun to keep my fingers busy while hanging with Heidi for many marathon sit and chats about stuff that we do on my visits with her.
Those gloves came out really cool. They were fun to knit up and all the girls liked them.
So this year, when I found the camoflage-variegated wool from Patons (color: Forest #77014), it was like, what could I make and felt for the kids and how could I play with this? So I'm swatching and felting while I come up with ideas.
Robin and I dug out her Barbie knitting machine and used up a whole roll of the Red Heart acrylic stuff to make a long tube. I plan to make it into a snake, fill it up and use it has a "hot buddy" for colds, sore muscles and gentle heat padding thing.
I FOUND a great site that you can actually learn to make a granny square from.
Swatching Paton's New Wool in FOREST

Book/Blog / Podcast Mentions: Creative Crochet Book;



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