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Monday, November 20, 2006

Going Blank

I've been listening to archived podcasts from Amy at CreativeMomPodcast . In Episodes 7 and 8, she talks alot about journals and journaling. She asked about our favorite journals. What is my favorite journal? The one I just made.

After listening to her explore the world of Moleskines and seeing a few for myself, I just fell for these little journals from Italy. I loved the little flap tabs and elastic bands to keep the book together, lined pages, graph paper pages, sketch paper pages and watercolor books. I wanted All of them, since I like having a lined page for writings, graph paper for fair isle sketches and ideas, Sketch paper for pencil drawings and playing with shading and so on.

So I had to make my own.

Obsessively, I finished it in 36 hours - in between kids, family, visiting nieces, a park trip and a dorky old Hanibal Lechter movie. With little origami breaks to cleanse the prototype-designing pallette.

I was just finishing off the final stitching of the fabric cover on the drive over the park Sunday morning. After pushing the swing with the little one, playing some frisbee and checking out the Merry Go Round (closed for a private party today), I got a chance to break in the my newly made journal and started sketching a leaf on the table.

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So I love this journal. Already I've enjoyed my first sketch and keeping track of podsafe songs I heard and want to download, and mixes to start making for Christmas.

It's a journal I can use, let the kids play with and use, easily add pages or tear out any and change the choice of papers in the future when I make more of these. Or adding little origami made pockets to hold found things, scraps of yarn or even a CD of Robin or Tyler talking, singing, stuff like that. Yes, I designed the slightly larger than 5 by 7 size of this journal so that it would be big enough to contain a pocket sleeve for a full size CD to slip into after the journal is filled and I'm off to work on a new one.

As I also heard about, from creativemompodcast, is another journaler with great ideas as well. In her blog, Heidi gives some really fun ideas with journaling, like adding little ring tabs to the binder with the dates of when the journal starts and ends, or making a table of contents on a nearly finished journal.

So, on this Monday morning, I'm starting to listen to another wonderful archived episode of Amy's ~ Episode 9 of CreativeMomPodcast, and Amy discusses CLUTTER! Another SMALLWORLD moment, since I was just starting to clear out clutter as I finished up the journal project, putting fabrics and projects away I know should wait while I kept a few high-priority projects around. This led me to the storage room where I ended up getting lost in time as I was going through my old files, sketches, paintings.

So I'm really looking forward to listening to the rest of this Clutter Episode tomorrow, early morning, feeling probably yet again "me too," "Me too," "Me Too," as she talks about her Clutter(s).


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