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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ow, my right forearm hurts and my wrists are sore . . .

Sock knitting. Repetitive stockinette stitch on #2 needles to make socks started as an exercise in patience and reflection. However, the repetitive sock knitting worked this past week had followed repetitive little projects for many Christmas presents.
And my right arm hurts.
Mostly in the forearm.
And mostly in the right wrist.
It's a muscle that feels like raw meat and oh, so tender.
Somebody migh call it carpel-tunnel or repetitive stress syndrome.
I've typed as a word processor all my life (90 wpm, thank you);
except for a nine-year break as an electrician.
Two things typing and electrical have in common: extreme, repetitive use of the wrists and forearms.
But never before had I experienced a soreness or pain from these two activities.
But then, I didn't type or splice wire on every waking chance I had.
I never typed at the park with the kids. Or go walking through the zoo, whilst knitting away - walking, knitting, walking, knitting, and looking up every so often.
I've never spliced wire nuts while watching a dvd or cable t.v.
When sitting at a cafe, I don't usually type; althought I have.
Even then, it was broken up with alot of looking around or watching the people around me - during which I stopped the typing.
Not with the stockinette projects I always carry with me to do while walking, going to the zoo, going to the park, watching a movie or talking with friends. Even at the cafe, looking around or people-watching, the fingers continue the mundane stitching I save for doing while doing other stuff.
If I sit and knit with nothing else distracting, I'd rather do some fair-isle, cabling or interesting lace patterns. If the project involves several rows of stockinette, then it is generally set aside for working during more distracting moments of the day; thereby utilizing a full potential of knitting time. But this has gone a little too far.
Time to rest the right arm, maybe practice continental-style knitting (stop that - just put it down); catch up on some book reading, take photos, read emails, and generally walk away from (not with) the knitting.


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