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Friday, December 22, 2006

This IS your granny's knitting

A thrift score fell into my Christmas daze.
There is a little hospital thrift store where I used to score oodles of yarn donated by families of patients. It's sort of a surrogate attic for me, digging in there once a month for any new 25 cent balls of vintage wools and interesting left over oddlots.
Last June, I'd driven to this thrift shop and there was a sign taped up in the window, telling how it was closed for refurbishment.
No problem, I'll wait.
And hope it isn't opened up too polished and the 25 cent balls aren't charged way more.
2 days ago, I had driven by there, on the way to a friends house.
Big Orange Sign: SALE.
No way!
Okay kids, just five minutes.
Five minutes.
5 minutes later I had a really nice haul of anything which read "wool" on the label. Grab, grab, grab.
How much are these balls (there were so tiny, these little vintage balls of sock wool from the 60s, judging from the labels).
Twenty-five cents.

$7.00 later, I was so friggin psyched.
this morning I looked at them.
Many double skeins have I, including a favorite non-wool heathered blue 80%wool/20%nylon that's way cool. I think these will be my first sock - something really nice to practice with.

Yeah. It's that Good.
Also dreaming of stripes or fair-isle to use up the single skeins, in the massive amount of socks I can practice on with these. AND Thea at That Yarn Store just email'd me about a Kool-aid dye-ing party on the 5th of January, so I've grabbed some packets of grape, cheery and lime to play with the lighter shades in this thrifted haul.

All you living in Los Angeles into thrifting (and so many of us are!) check out the Glendale Adventist Medical Center Thrift Store.

And so, this leads into my major yarn purchase of the season too. Soon, I hope, to be in my hands and on the needles Violet's Pink Ribbon.

Lime & Violet is a favorite podcast of mine. It's two girls, in the midwest, who are truly yarn-crazed. Yarns are rated by their nipple-worthiness (uh huh) and lickability (yeah).
Violet needs help with a little more than a nipple right now, and Lisa Sousa created Violet's Pink Ribbon, to raise the funds and help her out. I'm there.
Love ya Violet.


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