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Sunday, November 26, 2006

oN and On.

Disclaiming this blog now.
I have way too many WIPs, 2 kids, a full study schedule and bla bla bla. this blog was, and is, intended to just put down "show notes" for an intended podcast (good luck to me!).
This blog will tend to be cryptic as I tend to intend to blog things that happen and end up doing this in spits and farts. So I count on readers to creatively complete any sentences I've written incompletely and follow with me on ideas vague and ambiguous.
Last week, Robin bought lots of new pencils. We spend 25 minutes at Staples weighing the pros and cons on the different types to pick from and after choosing between the gross dozen of already sharpened golf pencils, cheap dozen disposable mechanical pencils and some nicer mechanical pencils with the slight thicker leads that could be refilled and used with more pleasure, she picked the ladder.
She lost them all the following week through a newly discovered hole in her old backpack.
I bought her a new backpack (ohmagawd, you should see it, it's so pretty - khaki olive green and light rasberry pink, padded straps, a little hole to slip mp3 player ear bud cord through, the works.
I was listening to (addictively) to earlier creativemompodcasts from the past summer and while keeping in the flow of journal-making, sketching and pencils - I thought a roll up pencil case (ala knitting needle case) would be so fun and easy to make; especially from the saved and saved and couldn't throw away, but didn't have any ideal idea to use felted pieces I had in storage. It all came together, problem, solution, another past problem, a better part of the solution and . . . ta da - the roll up pencil case I made for Robin was so easy, came out beautifully and I'm putting these on Christmas lists for other little sketchers and crocheters in the family.



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