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Monday, November 20, 2006

100 Things and Clutter Fast

B E T is for Tatouage S Eeeeeeee untitled D Oo

100 Things about me:

  1. I love condiments.
  2. Especially rice vinegar and balsamic vinegars.
  3. A little boy wearing a handknit Hat melts my heart
  4. I've had a Barbie Knitter since I was 8 years old.
  5. My daughter robin has made oodles of Barbie Tube dresses on Barbie knitter
  6. We love to shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods
  7. We still call Whole Foods "Mrs. Gooch's" or "The Soup Store"
  8. I've been called Boho
  9. I grew up alot in Mill Valley, California (it was one year, but a really big year).
  10. I've been called a hippy (alot)
  11. I've been called a dyke
  12. A dyke is a little cutting tool that electricians use
  13. I love Northern Europe
  14. I fell in love with Brugges, Belgium and stayed there for a week after intending to just pass through it for a day.
  15. Gypsies are dark nomads.
  16. I wish I was darker
  17. I grew up with Heart in the 70s
  18. Favorite Heart albums are Little Queen and Dog & Butterfly
  19. My sister is Little Queen
  20. My sister taught me to crochet
  21. I love to fly
  22. It's much nicer to swim though
  23. I love aiports
  24. Have to be careful to take crafting on airplanes
  25. I'm sad about America
  26. Sad to be American sometimes
  27. I like many people from many places with many ideas
  28. Many people from many places are not too crazy about many Americans
  29. I have Mark
  30. Mark has Ty with me
  31. I share Robin with them
  32. we have a family
  33. But Luke came first
  34. Luke gave us Ty for name
  35. I picked Kai
  36. Luke & Tyler Kai
  37. My favorite movie is Spirited Away
  38. Previous favorite movie for years was Kiki's Delivery Service
  39. Current eBay handle is Hals Moving Castle (Howls Moving Castle was already taken)
  40. I have nothing to feed No Face
  41. Katherine Hepburn was my idol growing up
  42. almost as much as Betsey Johnson
  43. I had every single one of her Butterick patterns (Betsey's, not Kate's)
  44. I wore many appliqued apron dresses, wrap skirts and lace inset tee shirts during the 70s.
  45. Then I discovered Deborah Harry
  46. I changed a little
  47. Favorite 80s bands: SHRIEKBACK, Police, B52s, Bronski Beat. Not Heart. Pretty much if a band kept their hair short or thin in the 80s, I was into them.
  48. Favorite 80s game: Trivial Pursuit
  49. Pink was my favorite category
  50. I still play Junior Trivial Pursuit with Robin and her cousins
  51. And watch jeopardy with brother Johnny many nights.
  52. It's not fun to watch Jeopardy alone.
  53. Robin napped through her first two years in my lap, while Food Network was on t.v.
  54. Robin is passionate about cooking.
  55. Especially baking. She's going to be a pastry chef when she grows up.
  56. The Sheriff on Eureka is too cute.
  57. The bald guy who married Charlotte on Sex and the City is cutest.
  58. Mark is not bald
  59. Mark is not even balding
  60. Skinny Mark is very, very cute.
  61. I love to dye things
  62. and felting too
  63. I am very DIY
  64. I am very not Di.
  65. I wish to be living in UK
  66. Queens must survive
  67. Princesses dream
  68. If a princess knits enough, she will survive enough
  69. Red is inflammatory
  70. Red patent leather is mean
  71. Blue is universal
  72. What does that mean?
  73. Bitter is universal
  74. My closet is pink
  75. My bedroom was orange
  76. A soft, marbled, earthy, wiped over orange.
  77. Tweeds are strong
  78. Yucky pink tweeds were only fun for 10 seconds
  79. Martha Stewart had to happen
  80. Without her, the alternative could only be sad
  81. I discovered Nighthawks at the Diner in 1983.
  82. I wished I saw Tom Waits perform drunk in a piano bar during the 70s.
  83. Did see Tom Waits on stage with Carol Kane in a play Called Demon Wine.
  84. I was really young, I didn't get it - but they were so cool to watch performing together. (Waits seemed very sober, and somber).
  85. Favorite female performers are Carol Kane, Catherine Keaner, Francis McDormand, Myrna Loy, Audrey Patou, Ani Difranco, Rickie Lee Jones, Eryka Badu, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald.
  86. All time favorite song is "I loves you Porgy" as performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
  87. Favorite song to Karaoke to: "Fever" by Peggy Lee
  88. I lived with Nighthawks at the Diner and Tom in is Wild Years during the 80s.
  89. I lived with a Girl at her Volcano
  90. I grew up with Ladies of the Canyon and a Tapestry of rich and royal hues.
  91. I am 32 flavors and then some
  92. Bucheron is my favorite cheese
  93. I am not cheap, I just reuse, renew and recyle alot
  94. I grew up in Puerto Rico
  95. I've lived mostly in Hollywood since I was six
  96. Went to at least a dozen different schools during my childhood
  97. I like cold, rainy weather. I have to take a walk in my Thompson Green Wellies each time it rains here. Being hot makes me miserable.
  98. Naturally, I live in Southern California
  99. Would love to change places with Franklin Habit
  100. I just want to have something to talk about afterwards in the Locker Room

And there you have it, my first go at a 100 things list.

Something tells me this will be done again. and again. Already, I'm working on a "100 things" about the year 2006 to put in the Christmas cards to family this year. I was never a newsletter to the family writer, just a quick Merry Christmas note in the cards I send out. This year I plan to try a 100 things list and hope that maybe, sooner or later, it will catch on and we can exchange them with each other. (Wouldn't that be so cool???)

I've been thinking more about Clutter. Especially after listening to CreativeMom in her Episode 9 podcast on the subject.

Clutter in so many parts of life.

  • I've turned to Yoga, meditation and methodical crafts (origami, granny squares) for my cluttered mind;
  • a Journal and To Do Lists for my cluttered schedule;
  • even noticing a little bit of the cluttered body facing the sunny side of 40s.

And craving alot of moments to kind of go on a "clutter fast." Clear the mind, just sit with friends and be busy doing absolutely nothing.

So look what Robin did:

I couldn't keep my brush paws off either. But I did the tiny parts, the horse hairs and some slight shading; she did the rest. Why did they say this was for ages 8up? I'm 38+ and it was not easy! But well worth it; Robin's excited to tack up it up on her freshly painted, pink walls.

Thinking along these lines, I made myself watch a 2 hour dorky movie with my daughter. Not doing anything else, no crafting or crocheting or anything while we watched the movie. My body was buzzing, my brain was aching to keep up the daily nonstop activity - it was incredible just noticing the ease it began to feel after just 2 hours of no-thinking in watching this movie.

Amazingly refreshed after the two hours, I just felt "reset" and easy-going.

Crafting had become an obsession rather than the calming cure it used to be.

So we went to the Park the next day just to hang out, talk to strangers and not bring any knitting, crocheting or podcast listening. There's a balance thing going on here. Cool.


  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger Faith said…

    I know all about decluttering. It's something I do on a regular basis. It does make me feel pretty good about having less.

    Congrats on your new blog, thanks for the shout outs and I am looking forward to your next posts!


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger WhatWouldBetseyDo said…

    Thank you Faith.
    To the very first comment and a bit of cool prompting!


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