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Monday, December 04, 2006

oOoooh. Shiny.

Toothpaste for dinner, again.

Can I ask you all? How do you keep up? Blog, blog, Blog, Blog, Blogs.
I love knitters, sketchers, creative types and artists.
I love being one, I love reading from other ones.
I love to read your thoughts, see your works in progress and follow your prompts and blank-alongs.
You show some gorgeous alpaca or sock yarns, cool drawings (amazing drawings), links to a pattern or six.
I follow the links. And follow links on those links.
I read the comments and chase even those links.
Who's commenting and what are they like on their site?
While my knitting doesn't get done.
Unless there's a nanosecond lull in the download. but after turning the row I look up again.

Like just this weekend:

The Panopticon
So Queer
Knit Mongrel
Now Norma Knits
Yarn Harlot (don't you know already?)
Crazy Aunt Purl
Lime & Violet

And these are just the starting points. They all link well.
Stop now.
Jeopardy's on. Robin's on her 114th origami crane.
I'm going to step away from here and frog the grandpa sweater (more to come later).

Okay. Back.
Um. What I did do this weekend was make Robin some mittens. She r e q u e s t e d them.
"Mom, I need some mittens, can you make me some purple ones."
It was such a moment. She wanted me to Make her something.
After searching some really great patterns on the net, I chose the Gifted Mitten by Kate Gilbert. Kate's fabulous classic design called for chunky yarn and #13 needles.
Robin can't wear wool. Yep, no Cashmerino, for her (sigh).
She wanted soft purple fuzzy mittens like her soft fuzzy (acrylic) socks.
I had to face the soft fuzzy acrylic yarns row at a shop that was not my lys.
No, this was everybody's mys (main yarn shop aka michael's yarn shop).
But I don't knit acrylic anymore . . .
oOooooh. Shiny.
We found something.
Soft and fuzzy.
Yes, acrylic.
Yes, Red Heart.
But not like the itchy, spongey acrylic I'm trying to forget.
This was a soft mohair-ish acrylic that had only the slight acrylic sheen.
Just really slight. Only the ladies who Bitch would notice this.
But this Mystic Purple shade of marbled grey could almost pass for pure mohair.
From a distance.
It even felt like it might have some real mohair in it. 11, maybe 12%.
Yes, I could handle this.
I knit the mittens in the "large child" sizing of Kate's pattern.
The first mitten fit Ty perfectly. Okay.
Nice swatching.
After finishing the second mitten of Ty's pair, I set again to knit Robin's pair from this Mystic Purple cloud and the size 6s.
Following the largest size (Men's) actually worked. They fit her perfectly.
She wore them to school today.
The friends all want a pair.
They ran up to me and told me so.
It was Sally Field time all over again.


  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger leelee said…

    Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog & I love it! I am going to save it to my favorites because of the crochet lesson link. My 14 yr. old daughter is wanting to learn how to crochet & I've always wanted to, as well. I also love crafts, but haven't had time to do many lately. That is my goal, to make time to do more things that I love. Great blog site!!


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