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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Velvety Flickr Monsters

Can they make a half monkey/half pony?
It all started with buying a really large enormous 100% CASHMERE sweater today at the the Thrift Shop. Said sweater (red) went immediately into the washer with some soap and a few dirty duds and some very hot water.
The felted result is yummy - incredibly soft felted goodness.
So I went searching for ideas to use this redness.
Which came up with some good ideas like using parts of the sleeves to make mittens and kid hats.
But then hours were wasted discovering Flickr albums of the crafty and talented out there. Links going to the blog side over to the right of this page!
My favorite starter is CRAFT's flickr pool site. After I join, I'll be spending other countless hours looking, hitting links, cut and pasting ideas and so on.
Just wow.


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