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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Law, Art and Algebra

I got my books today for new classes next week.
Pre-Algebra (looks easy enough. And I was worried).
Law 037 - Introduction to Bankruptcy Law
Law 013 - Wills, Trusts and Estate Law.
No books for the ART 201 class. But $50 saved for the supplies, which I know will be heinous more amounts of $.
The Bankruptcy Law book was cracked open as a head start.
Only a few pages in, but really cool stuff about the history of debtor's prisons over in England and here in the USA.
But before all that, the work bankruptcy actually goes back to early days in Italy and the term "banco rotta" where a debtor who didn't pay his debts got his bench broken in front of his store to show others a little of his character. Italians seem pretty friendly about this.
And, by the way, even though rumour has it that the early Romans could cut bits of body parts of the balance-owing debtor, it simply wasn't done really. Instead, selling the debtor into slavery was the exercised solution.
Gee, if bankruptcy can start out this interesting, I can't wait to read about death, errr, Wills, Trusts and Estates law.


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