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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

* Mother's Day Campaign for Afghan Mothers *US due date: May 13.
Afghans 4 Tomorrow is the same organization that handled our two major collections last year. Afghans 4 Tomorrow is an experienced US-based non-profit organization with offices and relief and development projects in Afghanistan: Afghans 4 Tomorrow has been distributing material supplies to the people of Afghanistan for many years. They have trained, capable personnel on the ground. Afghans 4 Tomorrow would like us to supply:Baby blankets (in a dense stitch; not lacy; minimum dimensions of 40" x 40")Caps for newborns and infantsSocks for newborns and infants (no booties).
When I took a look at the pictures in the afghans4tomorrow gallery, it struck me again how good I have it in Los Angeles here. These guys are walking around in the freezing cold happy to get our donated clothes and a handmade hat or some socks.
Yesterday we just got over the shock of hitting a 90 degree day in March. I got a @*!%$# ticket for not wearing my seatbelt today and didn't want to face my part time job tonight, I was so upset.
Yeah. Right.
I have a job. I'll pay the ticket and still buy anything needed for our basic needs and comforts. And the comfort of another mom too, maybe?


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