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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I listen to alot of podcasts.

Not just once, but many times. I will listen to the same one again in a later day or week.

Maybe one day I'd like to podcast a little. Robin and I play podcasting sometimes. We'll set the recorder and talk about stuff that we do and think about.

I've gone through all of Brenda Dayne's CAST-ONs, most of them twice. Most knitters know Brenda (and if you don't, PLEASE click the link and start!). Brenda started a knitting podcast when there wasn't one around. I found out about her when I got to listening to Creative Mom Podcast and started thinking, "maybe I'm weird, but wouldn't it be great to do a podcast and talk about knitting?". Amy at CMP turned me onto Brenda and bam, weird or not, Brenda did it first and made it work.

Brenda made it work so well that many have followed in her footsteps - some at her suggestion to do one "your own way." If you didn't like her music and wanted a knitting podcast that was more punk, Brenda was telling y'all - THAN do it - we all want to hear yours too. And so many followed: Knitting Cook Podcast, Lime N Violet Podcast, Sticks and Strings, Knitty D and the City, Beneath the Fiber Moon, and scads more.

So Brenda lives in Wales (after moving there from Oregon).
I need to repeat this. She Lives In Wales.

I want to live in Wales. And I do, for a while every time she talks about being there. When it's St. David's Day, she'll talk about the procession of druids. She talks about the boot sales. I miss boot sales.
and Jumble Sales.
I picked up a wonderful pea coat for 5p back in 1979 when I first arrived in East Grinstead, England. It was much colder in East Grinstead during February than what I predicted as I packed my gear in Los Angeles for the trip (I was only sixteen years old and I knew England would be colder than L.A., I just wasn't prepared for COLD).

Brenda also finds the coolest podsafe music from all parts, but many great tunes from Brits with fiddles or synths - whatever. Its all soooo cool.

She did a series of podcasts in the Spring of 2006 which follows along with discussing each of the nine Muses in Greek mythology and what aspect of knitting that each Muse relates to. Her Muse series (which I believe starts in episode #15 or #16) will probably get another listening by me over the next year. In fact, I'm re-downloading them now since I know there's alot more I'll pick up in these podcasts that I missed the first time (and maybe second) time around.

There have been knitting bloggers from the early days, circa 1997 that, through the years, keeps on building up into the knitting community together to such a way now - I can't believe it. Through Brenda, and other podcasters of fiber who followed, this community has a voice and I'm listening to it all with an appetite that doesn't quite keep up with the time to digest it all, check all the links I want to follow and the projects I'd like to try as well. These are problems I do dwell on sometimes and really - have to just let it go.

In the Summer and Fall of 2006, Brenda she did some wonderful touring around Wales and close-by areas, to speak with locals who work with Sheep and wool. Oh and don't get me started on her music choices.

Okay, do.

Lascivious Biddies' Neighbor. My. What a great sound. What a ground song.
speaking of Brenda and music - her episode the MASH UP was one of those exciting thrilling dorky drive-way moments of WOW, she gets it. MASH UP is my life. I mash'd up on tape mixes getting the strangest artists together for the party or camping mixes thrilling my friends and brother with combining Country, Punk, Standards and TV Commercials into a fun ride with cocktails in hand. and MASH UP is my fiber life. Mixing up Red Heart acrylics with Noro Garden silk lite into a free crocheted hassock and pillows. Fair Isle strange 70s ombres with colors that don't come anywhere near matching thrills me straight out more than any soft cashmere pair of socks or Fetchings ever would. (I love socks, I love Fetchings. But I would rather do socks or Fetchings in something weird and make it work. THAT's thrilling).

This is why I love designers like Teva Durham and Betsey Johnson. and Norah Gaughan. and Leigh Radford. and folk work done by the hands of those in the roads of third world countries and Scandinavian type of places, and Latvia. These people MASH IT UP.

Whew. Passionate much?

If Brenda mentions a stash-along by Wendy Knits, I'm signing up and have signed up and have had the best five weeks of knitting just stash. Of planning mixtures and combinations to make single and small balls work together and the cushions I've made are truly exciting. One is sort of a smaller hassock that I place near on the edge of the bed, sit cross-legged on and do my drop spindle spinning with some nice length to the floor to work with. All this in front of episodes of and extra disc special viewing from the Lord of Rings DVD collection is priming me up for the Rennaisance Faire coming around in a couple of months.

Must lurk and plan some fyne garb for Robin and Ty Kai.

Toodles. My head is spinning and I still have to get some damn AA batteries for the camera to get some picks on this site.


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