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Monday, February 05, 2007

Art, Spinning and Swatching

Spring Semester just started today. First class: Art 201 - drawing.
I know that this means less knitting.
The weather is warming up, I'm on my bike and heading to the pool more and the only knitting I'm getting done is just a whole lot of swatches. Because of the Stash-A-Long, I've been swatching all my stash without any real plans but just a lot of oggling and dreaming of possibilities.
One thing I do know is that I'd really like to make a cardigan. I really really like the Enid Cardigan from Interweave Winter 2006 Issue:

It's knitted in the round and then involves Steeking the front. I've never really steeked before (on purpose), but I can see how it would work and saw a great episode of Karen B on Knitty Gritty showing the whole world how. But, just in case, I plan to thrift a sweater and steek it into a cardigan for practice.
Yep, that's a good plan.
I like the Enid Cardigan also for the cool fair isle type stitching, that mixes knit and purl for texture as well. Very cool looking pattern.

Something that can use different colors and yarns - like a fair isle nordic-type thing with a wider, more ballet type neck.
Then there's the Body Count Mittens that some yarns are swatching on #3s for.
The AfghanforAfghanistan mittens that can use different colors as well.
Some swatches are going into the felt pile since they will felt and don't look all that great otherwise.
One example is the Soy Wool.
I love love love the feel of this yarn, but it's the most unforgiving yarn to knit with - splitting all over the place no matter how careful I've been. The finished product kinda looks like a cheap washed wool before it even hits the water for the first time.
And finally, I'm starting to dig on this old stash of 80's terry cloth nubby yarn of 100% cotton. This was originally intended to follow the trend back then of terry, nubby cotton 80s sweater. I didn't know what to do with it, but at 25cents a skein, I grabbed about six: 3 light blue, 2 white and reddish purple. Swatching the blue gave me some great ideas for it. when knitted loosely, in garter stitch, it makes are really nice nubby face cloth so I'm thinking some wash cloths for the gym and maybe even a Calorimetry headband for the gym and yoga. Then I stumbled on some great muted green cotton and mixed the terry blue with the green cotton and they look great together. So a Calorimetry it is; plus some washy things.

So now I better take picks and post it here. Just for posterity . . .


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