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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Face Cloths are knitted, Death is studied, Perspective and High School Algebra

Well it's been alot of homework and little things to knit in between the homework.

Little things like a really nicely designed flower-shaped face cloth from Melanie Falick's Book ~ Weekend Knitting. The fiber I used is some raw silk that was hand-spun so the yarn is thick and thin, the thin part being tight and nubby, the thick part soft soft soft. So nice to wash up with.
Also from her book is a miniature turtleneck sweater (egg warmers) that I loved making from scraps of yarn: I'm also knitting up some very very cute dishcloths from some thrifted vintage terry yarn mixed with some Sugar & Cream Cotton. Pictures as soon as I find some more AA batteries.

The Spring Law classes I had signed up this Spring changed around on me.
I was really looking forward to taking the special course in Bankruptcy Law while also signing up for the specialty course in Wills & Probate Law, filling out a class load with the other two courses in Drawing 101 and Algebra 112. The Bankruptcy course got cancelled this semester and the Wills & Probate Law turns out to be verrrrry cool to get into right now with the whole Anna Nicole Smith case going OJ a little.

The Wills course lecture is every Saturday morning wherein we end up bringing Anna Nicole up for a little while, asking about things in the news like paternity issues involving yet undetermined dad and his part of the inheritance to her little baby, or we talked about the mother and her inheritance issues, while the split with the fortune going to the "dead son's" wife. stuff like that.

I am soooo naive on the whole Anna Nicole thing and I really really don't care. Really. I knew NOTHING about the inheritance disputes with her and her deceased rich husband's son's fight over the money that went all the way up to the Supreme Court. While I've been reading way too much about the magic cast-on and listening to the Quirky Nomad or the history of Muses from Brenda Dayne, the whole world has gotten way too much ahead of me about this whole inheritance thing and Anna. This seemed fun to the rest of the students in the class that I kept going "what?" or "no way?"

Yeah, I live right in the middle of Hollywood for yearssss and I tune it all out.

What I like even more in class is the reading of certain Wills at the end of each class lecture. The first will that we read was Marilyn Monroe's. It's a nice short sweet will that's like her, simple, sweet, giving and just a little grown-up.

Last Saturday was the reading of the final testament of John Winston Ono Lennon. Yep - ONO. I never knew! And the will looked eerily like She wrote it. Everything goes to her. If anything is contested by anyone, then they lose every cent for contesting (except that everything goes to her). Whew. For some reason I kinda like Yoko Ono - something about her fascinates me. Her balls, maybe. Or that somebody like her, quite but with a strange voice could be such an overwhelmingly strong influence to Lennon. She's the ultimate in the "your no fun since you got married" type of girl to this universally loved friend of the masses of Beatle lovers.

something like that.

My favorite class? Drawing, followed closely by Algebra 112.
Really, it's been a nice semester forming of classes really.

Drawing helps me to go over the basic fundamental things like contour line and perspective. It's a nice 2 hours twice a week to sit in the room with HUGE sketchpad and pencil in hand and just focus on the subject to be drawn. And I'm all for anything that pulls me out of my Monkey Mind.

Algebra 112 is basically going over and really getting down the final stages of High School Algebra and Geometry. Restudying once more and really drilling exponents, formulas, perimeter and area formulas and fractions with variables.

My fantastic math tutor and teacher Jane Wiley helped me prep for this last November and December. Thank you Jane!!! Even though I missed the first test (Stupid Stupid Stupid - I just stayed home that one day, thinking the test was the following Thursday instead), I still think that I'll manage a B in the class because of her prepatory drilling.

So that said, I'm off to do some more Algebra homework on the www.educo-int site and maybe grab some AA batteries today.



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