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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Podcasting from L.A.

Yo yo westside!
So I'm checking my emails yesterday.
Got the daily digest of postings from SnB LA. And Anne from Moonlight Stitches lets us know she's jumped into the knitting podcast arena.
Yeah Anne.
I just listened to it really quick this afternoon while finishing off some homework and she did good! She chose Aliens Get the Blues Too, Erik Lee when she brought up her UFOs - way cool.
Then she brings up stuff like knitting with this cool pink and green with sparkle thread yarn that I just scored a bunch of a few weeks ago (I loves this stuff, even though I'm not a novelty yarn girl, this yarn has a certain rustic quality that I got me), so I kinda liked having that "me too" moment.
And the subject of knitting at the movies. She was knitting at 300 and this is a great thing to blog about: go see a flick, knit there, talk about the movie = great!

While I haven't shelled the $ for the light up needles, my ex-boyfriend heard about these and showed me his stash of light-up pens (using an led light) that he thought I could use. I clip the pen on my shirt, sit in the back row, and it works great! While they're not cable knitting or lace knitting great, they're good for simpler projects that I might need a little dim light to just check how things are going.

back to Moonlight Stitches.
Anne has a great voice for this, sort of reminds me of listening to The Knitting Cook, but with her own mellow quality.
Anne - thank you! I really look forward to hearing more.


  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger anneland22 said…

    You are the sweetest thang!!!! It means so much to have contected with another rockin LA girl right off the bat. I was thinking the same thing as you suggested about keeping the alien blues in the background of that intro forever an always. 3 cheers for great minds! Did you see 300 yet? C'mon go see. Thanx for such kind words and the privilege of a review on your blog.


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