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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Irie Knits podcasting from Oregon.

I'm listening to back episodes of Irie Knits after just discovering this podcaster from Eugene, Oregon. Irie has a cool way about her - very calming yet straightforward and still fun, like there is an inner smile, soft eyes and her shoulders are relaxed.

I just listened to episode #2 where Irie talks about the (then) much-blogged discussion of baring our stash. I too am a little bit of a minimalist. I can easily get overwhelmed and resentful of the projects I wanted to do but haven't, so I keep my stash somewhat at bay, but will always grab a new yank or two when inspired by it or a pattern that needs it. So now, I'll not be measuring my stash for mileage of yarn, but envy those who have their miles and miles and can live with adding to it happily. It's fun to watch and listen and live vicariously through them, and then sit in my own space of limited stash.

In this podcast, she plays a really terrific jazzy Belinda Underwood. She's like a younger sounding Diana Krall, with a more wispy light sound to her voice, but Krall's styling. Love her!

I think I would like to invite some L.A. crafters and knitters over for some Church of Crafting, and Underwood could be one of the CDs to play. Sweet.


  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger anneland22 said…

    oooooo I wanna come.

    May I ask a terrible favor and call on your kind words from a while ago?
    If you get a chance, would you review my show on iTunes? Someone left an ick review there that the music was too long...who wants to listen to me blather for any longer than I already do?

    Happy Needling, Anne of Moonlight Stitches


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